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Monday, January 24, 2005

Davos, Switzerland. The World Economic Forum!

The World Economic Forum this week will include Bill Gates and among the problems to be considered , according to this link from which I quote, are these :

About half of the sessions at the Annual Meeting address the many aspects of the global agenda. We have placed special emphasis on Tough Issues.

These are: China, Climate Change, Equitable Globalization, Europe, Global Economy, Global Governance, Islam, Middle East, Poverty, United States Leadership, Weapons of Mass Destruction and World Trade.

This list reflects a mixture of the timely and the important; each issue in turn is presented in terms of a complex set of topics, challenges and tough choices.

Europe has now become such a 'problem' that it is considered a "Tough Issue" for consideration at this high-powered annual meeting! Is it the over-valued currency, its failing economy, growing totalitarianism, the destruction of twenty-five odd former democracies or something even more worrying and sinister that has placed the Continent in such an unenviable position? One thing is certain - we outside the meeting will never be told!

posted by Martin at 1/24/2005 07:12:00 PM

Sunday, January 23, 2005


This is the opening of one of the latest directives from the governing authorities of our land on the subject of Europe and TAX - which LIAR Blair insists is still exempt from EU control, or laughingly as LIAR Brown declares a matter for national perogative:-

The Commission has formally requested the United Kingdom to abolish the Exempt Company tax regime in Gibraltar by the end of 2010 at the latest because the scheme violates the EC Treaty’s ban on state aid liable to distort competition.

Read the facts from the EU's own website linked here.

posted by Martin at 1/23/2005 07:35:00 PM

Friday, January 21, 2005

A Suggested letter to your MP

Basic to our culture, history and the very construction of our society is the protection we afford the potentially vulnerable through our ancient bigamy laws! Are they now to be ignored?

If so, have we then any remaining reason to trust in the belief system to which most of us try to adhere? A possible letter to those in authority, which I was copied from elsewhere might help. If discrminatory laws begin to be accepted, where will they ever end?

Dear (PM, Chancellor, MP etc),

I am very concerned to learn that the Treasury is contemplating making changes to the Tax Laws to make the Inheritance Tax laws fairer for the multiple wives of men whose religion allow more than one wife. Apparently, only one wife has any benefits from the taxation position at the moment.

Could you please let me know when our laws on Bigamy were amended to allow multiple marriages? If they have not been amended, can you please explain why men in this position appear not to have been prosecuted for bigamy and are their many wives able to claim any benefits from our society? If our laws have not been amended and it is proposed to continue to allow multiple wives, is it the Governments intention to repeal the law on Bigamy to enable the remainder of our society to engage in multiple marriages? If that is not the case, and those following this practice are not to be prosecuted, does this not mean that the action being taken is contrary to the laws against racial and religious discrimination? In which case, what action is proposed to ensure the laws of our land are applied to everybody equally?.................................. (Amend and continue as you may of course choose!)

posted by Martin at 1/21/2005 08:41:00 PM

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

MacShane's lies know no bounds!

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office once again abandons any pretence of impartiality in the field of Foreign Affairs this evening when it issued as a press release full details of another untruthful speech made by the Minister for Europe. One outrageous quote may be read from here:

The No camp are not content with obtaining a No to the new treaty. The people behind the No campaign have bottomless amounts of money and some of the most powerful propaganda operations ever seen to back them up.

No mention, of course, that apparently limitless taxpayers' funds and the whole force of the foreign EU conspiracy are mounted in favour of the 'YES' campaign. The full speech may be read from THE LINK HERE , issued by our supposedly impartial Foreign Office - perhaps it should now be re-named Department for EU Propaganda!

To further appreciate how far down the slippery slope of lies and spin the FCO has now descended I offer this further quote from the end of the release:

I sense today that the main countries of the EU realise more than ever that working together, living a share rule-book of common laws under existing as well as the new treaty, and finding ways of working as one – on Iran, on Sudan, on debt relief – offers a much better future for all 450 million European citizens.

What exactly does that mean? Precisely nothing, of course! Think about it!

posted by Martin at 1/19/2005 07:30:00 PM

Prince Harry and Charlemagne

Edward Spalton sent me this letter which he has sent to his local papers:-


Prince Harry was a silly young ass to dress up in Nazi uniform for a private party. He was even more unwise to choose the sort of friends who would sell his picture to the newspapers. He will doubtless get wiser as he gets older.

How would we feel about leading, grown-up politicians who took substantial cash payments from a Nazi-founded institution? Not too happy I would guess, yet it has happened several times.

The Charlemagne Prize is just such an institution. First awarded in 1949, it was created by a prosperous Aachen textile merchant called Kurt Pfeiffer who had previously been a member of the Nazi Party and of five other organisations affiliated to it. Pfeiffer said that it was "A European prize which should be associated with the Imperial ideal (Reichsidee) of the Emperor Charlemagne, his palace and burial place" (both of which are in Aachen)

His main helper, a university lecturer called Peter Mennicken, was a member of the SA (Storm Troopers) from 1933 and of the Nazi Party from 1937. He was also employed by Dr.Goebbels' propaganda ministry on cross-border cultural exchanges to create "international understanding" favourable to Hitler's government. Mennicken was responsible for the "liturgy" of the award
ceremony which takes place on Ascension Day in the Coronation Hall of Aachen's Council House.

Both Imperial and Nazi Germany celebrated Charlemagne as the "uniter of the German nation". Rites from the Nazi period were adapted so that he became "unifier of the Christian West". My German colleagues, who researched this, have placed a full English translation of their report on
www.freenations.freeuk.com .

The English recipients of this tainted award are Sir Edward Heath and Tony Blair. Roy Jenkins got one too but he has passed on to answer to a higher tribunal than public opinion.

Yours faithfully,

Edward Spalton

posted by Martin at 1/19/2005 04:38:00 PM

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


NATO's death throes (continued)

BRUSSELS - Berlin and Paris have come to an agreement with London concerning the future leadership structures for military operations by the European Union. Thus, within the military staff of the EU, the core for a ,,center of operations," which is to serve as headquarters for independent EU military actions, shall be established. The smaller EU member states which are not participating in this agreement are to acquiesce with this arrangement. Legal impediments which are in opposition to military deployments in several countries, will be removed in the process of the formation of independent EU ,,battle groups." Meanwhile, the German Bertelsmann Foundation demands a further streamlining of the military EU leadership structures and the creation of an ,,EU security council."

A resolution setting out all details for the establishment of a military headquarters for the ,,planning and management of EU missions" has been prepared for approval by the heads of state of the EU states at the summit meeting in Brussels. Thus, a ,,unit with civilian and military components" consisting of 30 officers and civil servants will be established ,,within the military staff" of the EU. This will also create the core which, when needed and with enlistment of additional military staff and representatives of member states, will serve as an instrument for planning and management of independent EU military operations (,,Operations Center").

For more visit this link to www.german-foreign-policy.com

posted by Martin at 1/18/2005 05:13:00 PM

Friday, January 14, 2005

Boycott Waterstones

The UK chain bookstore of the above name, has fired an employee for running a personal blog. Whatever the rights or wrongs of that case (visit the blog involved by clicking here) it seems the right to blog is one of the few remaining unfettered freedoms remaining in the Western World and this infringement of that right should not go unpunished unless a precedent be set.

Amazon.co.uk usually is better value than the High Street Waterstones anyway, let's all boycott them for a few months. I often stock up on reading material there, but no more!

posted by Martin at 1/14/2005 06:20:00 PM

Constitution Change to please the French?

Promise, I am not making this headline up - even before the ink is dry on the the EU's Leaders undemocratically authorised signatures on the document in Rome, with narry a referendum yet to be held, they are talking of changing the Agreement. Not just something small and insignificant either but the whole flaming voting procedure, one of its most contentious issues.

Read the report from EUobserver linked here.

posted by Martin at 1/14/2005 04:57:00 PM

The Threat from the Left

I came across this article on an African based website. It seems to have relevance everywhere these days, as the UN efforts across the world so vividly demonstrate, but most especially for Britain in what may well be an election year:-

UK Comment Cowards of the left
Posted: 01/10
From: Observer

Our so-called liberal elite stands back and lets Iraq's fascists fight freedom with terror

by Nick Cohen
Sunday January 9, 2005

I live in an area which isn't so much a place made up of streets on the map and people on the electoral register as a curse on and shorthand for all that is wrong with Britain. I live in Islington. If you believe most of the politicians and journalists you will hear in the run-up to the general election, 'Islington' and the 'liberal elite' who slurp their lattes in its cafes are responsible for depraving the morals of the public and sapping the strength of the nation.

The limp-wristed are surprisingly strong. In the past few months, Robert Kilroy-Silk reported with rage a survey of the 'metropolitan media elite' which found that they are 'invariably left-wing, live in north London - Camden and Islington - [and] read the Guardian.' The Daily Telegraph described the decision of Islington council to change the name of St Mary Magdalene School because the 'saint' was divisive as a 'symptom of something very sick'. Other cuttings show that the liberal elite is responsible for drug addiction, crime, yobbishness, sluttishness, incivility, insolence and ignorance.

Tony Blair asserts that 'people have had enough of this part of the 1960s consensus'. New Labour will appeal to 'hard-working families' in the election campaign with some good promises on childcare and the usual 'eye-catching initiatives' on ID cards, asylum seekers and the rest. Launching the Conservative pre-election push on Tuesday, Michael Howard said that he wanted to talk to the abandoned Britain, the slighted Britain, the hard-working, law-abiding Britain of the 'forgotten majority'.

I've been dissecting this humbug for so long I can do it in my sleep now. To take it from the top, the scandal about Britain's television stations and many of its other cultural institutions is not that they are run by people who are motivated by anything so high-minded as converting the public to a political philosophy, but that they are run by well-educated and very well-paid men and women from the upper-middle class who protect themselves and their privately educated children from competition by feeding the masses mush - the favoured policy of aristocracies down the ages. That they do none the less read liberal newspapers and pretend that their pursuit of profit and market share is a radical blow in the anti-elitist class struggle is merely a sign that they have fooled themselves along with everyone else.

Until a few months ago the Telegraph newspapers were owned by a man accused of embezzlement who may be going to prison and its writers are not yet in a position to talk about the sickness in society.

The decline in British morals and civility took place under a succession of old Tory and New Labour governments united by their common contempt for bleeding-heart liberals.

Blair's and Howard's 'hard-working families' and the 'forgotten majority' are intentional echoes of the appeals of Bill Clinton to 'the forgotten middle class' and Richard Nixon to 'the silent majority'.

It's standard populist politics to run as the outsider who speaks up for the decent people who are betrayed and done down by degenerate metropolitan sophisticates.

Although in the case of the British first-past-the-post system, the plain people of England turn out to be a few hundred thousand feckless swing voters in the 80 most marginal seats, who are anything but 'forgotten' by the political class or, come to that, a 'majority'.

Finally, and unforgivably in the view of my neighbours, our anti-liberal populists can't even get Islington right. Most of the borough is miserable. The usual causes of poverty - unemployment, non-union jobs and single parent-hood - combine with high London prices to make it wretchedly poor.

The few gentrified streets did once house members of the leftish intelligentsia.

But since the property bubble inflated, the old Islington middle class is being steadily replaced by partners in City law firms, venture capitalists and Spectator journalists with their harems of mistresses.

A family home is now as far beyond the means of a lecturer at one of the London universities as a house in Summertown, Didsbury or Moseley is beyond the means of lecturers at Oxford, Manchester or Birmingham universities.

If you want to find victims, it's tempting to turn populist rhetoric on its head and share the pain of the poor, persecuted liberals. Those clever, modest and misunderstood people of principle are libelled by the hypocrites of Fleet Street and beaten as a useful scapegoat by Blair and Howard.

Surely they, the supposed elitists, are the ones who deserve our sympathy and solidarity?

If only it were that easy.

Last week occured an event which was scarcely reported but which further called into question the notion of a principled liberal-left, let alone one coherent and confident enough to form an elite.

Hadi Salih, international officer of the Iraqi Federation of Trade Unions, was tied and blindfolded and tortured by Baathist 'insurgents' loyal to Saddam Hussein before being forced to kneel, strangled by electric cord and shot.

I shouldn't be shocked that there hasn't been a squeak of protest from the anti-war movement at the killing of a brave socialist, but I am. Two years ago I believed that after the war people who opposed it for good reasons would vow to pursue Blair and Bush for what they had done to their graves, but have the intellectual honesty to accept that Saddam's regime was fascist in theory and in practice and the good nature to offer fraternal support the Iraqi socialists, democrats and liberals in their deadly struggle.

More fool me. The Stop the War Coalition, which organised one million people to march through the streets of London, told the kidnappers and torturers from the Baath Party and al-Qaeda that the anti-war movement 'recognises once more the legitimacy of the struggle of Iraqis, by whatever means they find necessary'. Its leading figures purport to be on the left, but have cheered on the far-right and betrayed their comrades by denouncing Iraqi trade unionists as 'Quislings' and 'collaborators'. There have been a few honourable protests: Mick Rix, the former leader of the train drivers union, walked out in disgust saying that the anti-war movement was putting the lives of Iraqi trade unionists at risk. (Its denunciations of better and braver men and women than the British pseudo-leftists could ever be were reported in Arab newspapers which circulate in Iraq.)

Rix was joined by Unison and Labour backbenchers, but that's been about it. Not only the Stop the War Coalition but the bulk of liberal-left opinion in the country and on the planet, is at best indifferent to the fight to stop the return of tyranny and at worse wants to spite the Americans by having the bombers stop elections. If you doubt how widespread this malign impulse has become, ask why it is that the BBC has never covered the story of the totalitarian nature of the leaders of the anti-war movement when it would have had kittens on air if, say, the Countryside Alliance had been a front for the British National Party.

You could write a book on how the left has gone right. Now I come to think of it, I have: Pretty Straight Guys , available in all good shops. The death of socialism, the crimes of the disastrous Bush presidency and the desire for an easy life are all in there. But the fundamental point is that it no longer makes sense to talk of a 'liberal elite' when what it means to be a liberal or on the left is being riven by basic disputes of principle.

Many don't want to acknowledge the breakdown. Times when old certainties fall apart are unsettling. They force people to decide what they believe in: Do you want priests to be able to control 'their' people? Are you for fascism? If you answer 'no' to both questions, you will undoubtedly find when the battle is joined that you will have to spend as much time fighting the left as the right.

posted by Martin at 1/14/2005 03:54:00 PM

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Three Countries MEPs in 'No' vote majority!

Britain, the Czech Republic and Poland were the only countries where their MEPs were in the majority in voting against the EU Constitution in the European Parliament in Strasbourg yesterday. Only three European countries out of the twenty five once democratic nations of Europe, now entangled in the increasingly totalitarian, corrupt and failing superstate where the people's elected representatives are prepared to devote more than lip service to the principles of representative democracy - in what a sorry state the New Year 2005 now finds us!

The report is in today's Financial Times linked here.

posted by Martin at 1/13/2005 03:52:00 PM

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

EU Parliament backs non-democratic EU Constitution

The report, which comes as no surprise, may be read from Ireland Online linked here.

posted by Martin at 1/12/2005 02:46:00 PM

A Challenge to the European Union. January 2005. Anne Palmer.

The European Convention, which lasted from 28th February 2002 to 18th July 2003, was composed of representatives of different levels of governance, elected and non-elected, from Member States as well as candidate countries for accession to the EU. National Governments, National Parliaments, the European Parliament and the Commission were represented in the Convention.

Next to President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and Vice-presidents Giuliano Amato and Jean-Luc Dehaene, the Praesidium was composed of nine other Convention members. This Praesidium had the task of giving impetus to the Convention and providing it with a basis to work. Plenary sessions were held bringing together the 105 full members.

The (expected) enormous costs of the Convention are recorded in Government Research Paper 03/16, Briefly, The Council £130,000, The Commission £480,000. The Total includes £290,000 for duty travel by the Chairman and Vice Chairmen, accommodation and subsistence allowances, pay and other expenses, mission and representation expenses, and £320,000 for miscellaneous expenditure. As those were written before all expenses could have been recorded, there may well have been a great deal more.

There has been many debates in both Houses of Parliament, as well as many on going debates in Select Committee, and other official debates, and in particular countless debates on what effect incorporating a written EU Constitution would have on this Country, on its legal system and on our very own Constitution. What has been happening in this Country has obviously been happening in 24 other Countries. The time and costs on the proposed EU Constitution are therefore bordering on the astronomical.

In spite of the people of this Country being told that the proposed EU constitution is no different from the other Treaties, there is indeed a great deal of difference. Members of our Parliament know this for in Research Paper 03/23 are papers written by various people listed for them to read including Romano Prodi’s famous “Penelope” which caused so must consternation when revealed by our Press. The EU is one constitution for all 25 Countries and a Constitution that would override the British Constitution, and in so doing would destroy it. (According to R v Thistlewood 1820, to destroy the Constitution, “is an act of treason”).

The people of this Country have been invited to take part in a REFERENDUM on whether to accept this written EU constitution. However, as I, along with many other people have become aware that many Articles recorded in the proposed Constitution are being put forward now, some through “The Hague Programme” and some other ways, it is questionable whether they have even been debated in our Parliament, we are left wondering what exactly will there be left IN this EU Constitution for the millions of people to use their democratic vote on?

We are not simply wondering whether to accept through referendum the EU Constitution as a whole in preference to our own, but in view of all the time, effort and costs to us (as tax payers) already spent on the drawing up of the EU Constitution in the Convention, the CONTENTS of it become extremely important for without the contents stated in it, there will be no “democratic” vote as such.

If further articles are enacted now before we have had a referendum, we are in great danger of losing our “democracy” forever, and if we do not make a stand now and fight for that very same democracy, we lose it and lose it permanently. Only the people can bring about democracy, but the people have to fight to keep it too.

Thousands if not millions of people have died in Iraq, to bring “democracy” to that sovereign Country, we are going to have to fight to bring about a truly “democratic” vote on the EU Constitution and all its contents. The people have been promised a democratic vote on the EU Constitution, what is happening now in the EU and its forging ahead implementing certain contents of the EU Constitution before ratification by all Member States is questionable whether it is ‘legal’ or ‘morally right’ and most certainly whether it could in any way be called “democratic” at all. I see no point in all the extravagant costs, the time consuming debates in our Parliament and Government if there is precious little left for about 60 million people of this Country to vote on.

If we do not fight for this democracy and fight now, we will without doubt, end up in a totalitarian dictatorial State with or without a Constitution. A recent letter signed by 23 British MP’s in the Daily Telegraph were trying to divert money (£3 Billion a year) from Farmers to send to the sub-continent of Africa using the million signatures suggested in the EU constitution. British MP’s should know that the majority of British people do not want this Constitution and they deplore this sort of action of ‘jumping the gun’. This sort of action destroys the very democracy many are literary dying for.

posted by Martin at 1/12/2005 09:10:00 AM

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The EU Feasts While the Victims of the Tsunami Continue to Suffer

From 'The Times' - January 09, 2005

Outrage at Europe's £260,000 MEP party
Nicola Smith, Brussels

The European parliament has been condemned for spending £262,000 on a party to toast the new European Union constitution in Strasbourg this week.

Conservative and UK Independence party MEPs have expressed "moral outrage" at the cost. Confidential parliamentary documents reveal that £25,000 will be spent on inviting two grands penseurs (thinkers) and 20 grandes plumes (columnists) from states holding referendums on the constitution.

Those invited include Adela Cortina Orts, a Spanish philosopher, and Jeremy Rifkin, the American author of The European Dream: How Europe's Vision of the Future Is Quietly Eclipsing the American Dream.

A further £70,000 will be used to bring over 100 regional journalists" to ensure maximum coverage". Participants will attend a £56,000 "round table event" and a lavish lunch in the chambers of Josep Borrell, the Spanish president of the parliament. Other expenditure, such as as £31,000 on internal decorations and £56,000 on external ones, has amazed even EU officials used to generous expenses. "There are other things going on in the world at the moment," said one.

Chris Heaton-Harris, the Tory MEP, said he had written to Borrell urging him to cancel the event out of respect for the Asian tsunami victims.

"MEPs will be drinking champagne and spending £262,000 while people are struggling to find water purification tablets in the tsunami region," he said. "We should be sending this money to southeast Asia."

posted by Martin at 1/11/2005 08:24:00 AM

Monday, January 10, 2005

Legitimate Australian Concerns

On the 14th January 2005 the House of Lords will debate the Second Reading of a Bill to amend the Act of Settlement and to repeal the Royal Marriage

The proposer of the Bill is Lord Dubs, a working Labour Peer and a member of the
Executive of the Fabian Society.

Is it not the height of arrogance for the British Parliament to debate these matters without any regard for the consequences to the other fifteen Commonwealth Realms?

Despite the horrific cost, the National Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League, Philip Benwell MBE has written individually to Members of the House of Lords to remind their Lordships that the Statute of Westminster of 1931 requires: "that any alteration in the law touching the Succession to the Throne or the Royal Style and Titles shall hereafter require the assent AS WELL OF THE PARLIAMENTS OF ALL THE DOMINIONS as of the Parliament of the United Kingdom."

Mr Benwell's letter is given below. He will be addressing a few meetings in the United Kingdom during a short stay from the 19th to the end of April 2005.


4th January 2005

The Australian Monarchist League, a totally voluntary organisation, has fought long and hard to maintain our Constitutional Monarchy under which we believe our freedom and democracy is best protected. A belief which was overwhelmingly endorsed by the People of Australia in the 1999 Referendum. I am therefore taking this opportunity to write to you with regard to the 'Succession to the Crown Bill (HL)', the Second Reading of which is scheduled for the 14th January 2005, as this Bill has direct consequences for the Monarchy in Australia and that of our fellow Commonwealth Realms.

The Bill proposes to amend the Act of Settlement and the Bill of Rights for the purpose of reforming the Succession to The Crown and removing the prohibition on marriage to a Roman Catholic. The Bill also seeks to repeal the Royal Marriage Act of 1772.

Whilst the remainder of the original Dominions - (now termed Commonwealth Realms) - of Australia, Canada and New Zealand are today sovereign democracies each with their own unique constitutions, precedents and conventions developed to suit our individual environments and peoples, our constitutions nevertheless continue to be inextricably linked to The Crown of the United Kingdom. Under the Australian Constitution this is quite clearly expressed in Clause 2 of The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act of 1900, which states: "The provisions of this Act referring to the Queen shall extend to Her Majesty's heirs and successors in the sovereignty of the United Kingdom".

It was because of this state of affairs, which continues to this day, that the Statute of Westminster of 1931 was enacted to protect the special relationship that each Dominion has directly with The Crown from actions of the British Government and the British Parliament without the approval of the Realms as is explained by the wording of the Statute: "And whereas it is meet and proper to set out by way of preamble to this Act that, inasmuch as the Crown is the symbol of the free association of the members of the British Commonwealth of Nations, and as they are united by a common allegiance to the Crown, it would be in accord with the established constitutional position of all the members of the Commonwealth in relation to one another that any alteration in the law touching the Succession to the Throne or the Royal Style and Titles shall hereafter require the assent as well of the Parliaments of all the Dominions as of the Parliament of the United Kingdom."

Whilst paragraph 6 (2) of the proposed Succession to the Crown Bill (HL) states: "This Act extends to the United Kingdom only" I respectfully submit that anything to do with the Succession will, regardless of this clause, affect the other fifteen Commonwealth Realms and that the proposed Bill as it stands is contrary to the terms of the Statute of Westminster and should not, as such, be entertained by the House.

Philip Benwell MBE
National Chairman
Australian Monarchist League

posted by Martin at 1/10/2005 08:20:00 AM

Saturday, January 08, 2005

ID Card Regulations were agreed by Blair in 2001

My thanks, as so often, to Anne Palmer for forwarding this nugget from the EU Archives:-


 Adoption by European Parliament and Council of a proposal to extend
Regulation 1408/71 on the co-ordination of social security schemes to non-EU
 Adoption by European Parliament and Council of a proposal to replace
Regulation 1408/71 on the co-ordination of social security schemes by a
new simplified and modernised Regulation.
 Adoption by the European Parliament and Council of a package of
Regulations on a Uniform Format for the EU passport, identity card and
residence permit
· Commission proposal for a Regulation updating and revising rules on the
right of residence
 Commission proposal to amend Directive 91/477 on the control of the
acquisition and possession of weapons


Click this link to find the full pdf document, the quotes are from page 17.

posted by Martin at 1/08/2005 09:52:00 AM

Friday, January 07, 2005

Let's Debate - and let's have Kilroy join in and WIN

Adam Boulton writes in The Times today urging some televised debate among the party leaders at the next General Election campiagn. The opinion piece is linked from here.

Let's hope Kilroy-Silk leads his own party by then and is sufficiently strong in the polls that he cannot sensibly be excluded - only that way will the true rot at the heart of British politics be revealed and the elctorate finally giventhe insight to realise that most all the sitting scoundrels need booting OUT!

posted by Martin at 1/07/2005 07:56:00 PM

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Blair's monthly news briefing marred by Brown clash!

Nothing could distract the majority of the British press corps from the extraordinary fact that Gordon Brown chose exactly the same time to make a public statement on aid to Africa.

What was once described as the engine of New Labour's success, (and still is by the PM's spokesmen according to one reporter) namely the close relationship between the PM and his Chancellor of the Exchequer has now clearly broken down beyond repair.Read a pre-press conference report on this extraordinary conflict from here.

With the main opposition party similarly self-destructing before our eyes (see our posting on Teetering Tories regarding their disastrous manifesto launch) , and the third force in politics the LibDems still wedded to the principle of yet more EU integration, the very cause of our nation's decline and the UK Independence Party seming to be engaged in a classic right'left dispute with all the old class connotations of the past (see our posting on UKIP Uncovered this morning titled 'Lord Pearson of Rannoch') what hope is there for the nation and just where may the people of the country turn to find honest and trustworthy governance?

posted by Martin at 1/06/2005 10:30:00 AM

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tory Policy on Europe

This policy on Europe is taken from the Daily Telegraph report, linked here.

Europe: hold referendum on EU constitution in the Autumn, campaign against it and renegotiate Britain's relationship with Europe.

What can this possibly mean? If the Conservatives win an election in May ( for example) with a manifesto pledge to renegotiate things such as the Fisheries Agreements (to which I believed they were committed) they cannot do anything but reject the Constitution. Are they so uncertain of their authority to govern that they believe they must rush back to the electorate for a referendum on THE major foreign policy matter facing the nation a few months after being elected. Just what can possibly be within the minds of Tory Party Policy planners - if indeed they still have such?

Do not waste time and effort going to the Conservative Party website for explanation or clarification - its all about Michael Howard (the next sessions Leader of the Opposition if the LibDems have a disappointment) and something they call 'The Forgotten Majority" Utterly lamentable!

posted by Martin at 1/05/2005 08:20:00 PM

EU propaganda myths and unemployment realities.

The International Herald Tribune reports on the new occupants of the EU press office spreading their propaganda on so-called euro-myths, it has some amusing quotes but unlike the impression left by the writer - most with a strong element of fact. It may be read from here.

Meantime the true results of the European Union are revealed in this more harrowing report on German unemployment, surely all must be aware of where that kind of problem can lead, yet the self-centred men who run the EU and the ECB blunder blindly onwards into yet another New Year of zero growth, zero prospects, zero optimism and increasing despair. Click here.

posted by Martin at 1/05/2005 06:21:00 PM

BBC's 'The Sceptic Isle'

A full-typed transcript of the above Radio 4 Programme broadcast last evening is available on ukipuncovered. Click here.

posted by Martin at 1/05/2005 09:28:00 AM

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

EU Callousness reaches new and ever more despicable LOWS!

The following is being sent around the Blog fraternity by Anonemouse of 'Anglo Saxon Chronicles' linked from "Ironies" side bar and from here:

Words fail me, we are into day 10 of the Indian ocean disaster and do the EU copy the Australian-American model of acting quickly and effectively to save lives, or do they issue another pointless edict

"After the natural disaster that has affected south-east Asia and some regions of east Africa, the Luxembourg Presidency calls for three minutes of mourning in silence throughout the European Union, to be observed at noon on 5 January 2005. Flags will fly at half-mast"

At noon tomorrow 05/01/05 why not send an e-mail to the EU presidency with the follow text.

'You cant save life with silence'

posted by Martin at 1/04/2005 07:05:00 PM

EU opens its campaign against Britain

The man hoping to be Europe's Foreign Minister under the new constitution has started the EU's scare campaign against this country on the Radio 4 Today programme. The report may be read from here.

Other news this morning was of German plans to finally attain their aim of taking over the London Stock Exchange. Time is running out!

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Monday, January 03, 2005

"The lawlessness has got to stop"

Read this chilling account of the callous disregard for life and decency now witnessed on Britain's streets. The Daily Telegraph's account of the dreadful circumstances of the 'hit and run' death of Pearl and Keith Whyne on New Year's Eve in Birmingham is linked here. Here is more of what one of their nine children had to say:-

"These people have to be brought to justice. Ordinary people need to go back on the streets. The lawlessness has got to stop; it can't go on any more."

Flanked by his sister, Rachel, and another brother, Tony, both 28, Mr Whyne, 43, went on: "We are here to talk about wasted lives. Our parents had a combination of 70 years service for the Post Office and the NHS.

"They served this community and brought up nine children, all of us law-abiding and clean-living. The whole thing has been wiped out in a matter of seconds by people who are so callous, with such scant disregard for life, that they walked away. People just need to take responsibility for what they do and for their actions."

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Islands moved and our Planet wobbled on its Axis during Tsunami Quake

Make's one think! Does it not?

A Californian Geologist has been warning the local politicians for years, read that aricle from the Sunday Times from here.

But what could political leaders really do? How could they have uprooted whole local communities, already impoverished and dependent on the sea, by which they lived! All on the basis of a prediction from a foreign scientist- not much really, to be quite honest.

The lesson to be learned, if there is one, seems to me to lie in the island that had light casualties as the people remembered the folklore of their elders, felt the quake and fled to higher ground!

Individual responsibility and an acceptance of the fact that politicians can achieve little, and most in inverse proportion to their promises, might be one positive result of this terrible tragedy.

The fact that hardly a country in the world will escape without some loss of life amongst its citizens, might once again, as happened when the first pictures of our fragile planet were transmitted back from space by Apollo 11 after having circled the dark side of the moon (many long Christmases ago) bring mankind together - not in a commercialised spending spree of commercial globalisation - but in a sense of our common vulnerability and mutual dependency.

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Try reading the Blog of 'PC Woody' - Life in the Met

The blog is linked here and this is an extract:

We discussed the ridiculous situation of what the Met has decided to do with all the local rooms as well. For those of you who are not in the police, the CAD operators are the peeps in control of managing all the incidents over the radios. They do an excellent, and I think very difficult, job but the fact that at the moment they are localised works so well as they know the officers, we know them and they have so much useful local knowledge that can prove invaluable. The expression, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it, comes to mind here. So, what have the Met decided to do? Remove all the local CAD operators, most of which live locally to their work place as well and move them all to, I think about three, huge CAD rooms spread across the Met which will basically end up being like a huge centralised call centre. I just don’t understand the logic at all and a lot of the best CAD operators are leaving as they aren’t at all happy about the move. I wish I could understand the potential benefits of this change as at the moment I can see none whatsoever and can only see things going down hill but who am I to comment, hey, I am just a tiny cog in a huge machine but I think it is wrong. The lovely lady who mans the front desk agrees!

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See Your Rulers and more on the EU and the Tsunami

Click on here to see your new rulers as presented and described in today's Christopher Booker column in the Sunday Telegraph.

If you read to the end of the column, or click here, you will see that this blog's comments on the poor EU response to the Tsunami disaster also become a topic for the Telegraph's anti-EU campaigner, although it is the blog of Booker's co-author Dr Richard North, that gets the reference in the newspaper, in spite of being a day behind. No matter as long as the facts on the EU are brought to an ever wider readership, the longer the chain the better!

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Christmas Greetings from Free Nations and farewell Sweden!

Too dangerous to allow Swedes a vote on their own Constitution

It was reported in early December by EU Observer that there will be no referendum in Sweden on the new EU Constitution. The words of that Constitution - Article (I-10) are groundbreaking because of the first two words:

"The Constitution and law adopted by the Union's Institutions in exercising competences conferred on it shall have primacy over the law of the Member States".

So the Swedes are about to abolish Sweden - but the Swedish people will not be able to vote on the matter! There has been a stitch up of the kind we have observed all over Europe between the four right-wing opposition parties in the Swedish Parliament and the Social Democrat Prime Minister Göran Persson.

As in Britain these arrogant little nonentities believe that sovereignty rests with Parliament and that because they control Parliament (today) the people should do as they are told (for ever or "irrevocably and irreversibly" as the EU Treaties say).

But as we have demonstrated in our British democratic alternative (The South Molton Declaration, www.southmoltondeclaration.org.uk soon to be re-named The British Declaration of Independence) IT IS THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SOVEREIGN IN A DEMOCRACY NOT THE PARLIAMENT.

Read whole article: www.freenations.freeuk.com/news-2004-12-23.html

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

2005 opens with more lies on the EU

It will be lies as usual this year as Europe Minister Denis Macshane sets the pace in today's Yorkshire Post, linked here, with the complete load of rubbish reproduced below. There is no prospect of Britain ever leading Europe, is just the opening example with the suggestion that the accession of Bulgaria Romania and even Turkey will cement our security I find even more baffling. Read it yourselves:-

european POLITICS

Denis MacShane is Minister for Europe and MP for Rotherham.

This year will decides if Britain leads Europe or those wanting to isolate Britain gain support. More than ever, Britain's future lies in helping to deliver more prosperity, more security and a more stable world.
But where we have always been a confident leader in the G8 and the UN, anti-Europeans say we should keep Europe at arm's length. Nobody says that about the UN or the G8, where we have the confidence to get stuck in, set the agenda and deliver it.
Britain will defeat the isolationists who argue that cutting loose from Europe makes sense. On the contrary, Britain will push economic reform, delivering more jobs for Britain, bigger markets for British goods and services, greater choice and cheaper prices for British consumers.
Enlargement of the EU, long a British priority, to new countries like Bulgaria, Romania and eventually Turkey will cement our security by helping us to tackle illegal immigration, organised crime and terrorism.
And we must ensure Europe and America work together closely to tackle the challenges to peace and security. The new EU constitutional treaty transfers powers from Brussels to national governments and national parliaments. (My emphasis - ed!)
2005 gives Britain the chance to drain the anti-EU poison from the body politic. Many of the new EU members states, and those wanting to join, look to Britain for leadership.

posted by Martin at 1/01/2005 09:21:00 AM

Happy New Year!

May I wish all readers of this Blog a Very Happy New Year. To those genuinely committed to restoring accountable democracy to the people of Britain, which to my mind will only be achieved by a withdrawal from the institutionally corrupt and ungovernable EU - A PROSPEROUS AND SUCCESSFUL YEAR AS WELL!

posted by Martin at 1/01/2005 09:12:00 AM
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