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Sunday, May 29, 2005

French NO vote climbs to 57.3 per cent according to French Interior Ministry figures. Link from here.

France's interior ministry said the no vote had 57.26% with nearly 83% of ballots counted - a result that is seen as a humiliating defeat for the president.

posted by Martin at 5/29/2005 09:56:00 PM

55 NON 45 OUI Balance of three French Exit Polls

posted by Martin at 5/29/2005 09:45:00 PM

Exit Poll in France predicts Huge Reverse for Anti-Democratic EU

The figure against the EU Constitution announced in the exit poll at 2200 CET was 54.5 per cent.

After almost forty years of erosion of democracy and individual liberties in Europe, could this be the first sign of a major setback for the secretive forces driving this dreadful project forwards?

posted by Martin at 5/29/2005 09:11:00 PM

Spectacular Participation in French Referendum

With more than two thirds of eligible voters having had their say by 1800 hours with two more hours of the polls remaining open in the country at large (four more hours in Paris and Lyon) the French Channel 3 was forecasting an abstention rate of as small as 17.50 per cent on their 1900 hours news bulletin.

It is possible the Frensh Swiss Channel TSR might leak the exit poll results at 2000 hrs as they did in the last French General Election. If so this blog will try and get the numbers posted here as soon as they do.

All lovers of freedom and democracy must be hoping for a large enough NO vote to prevent any manipulation or misinterpretation of the results by the supporters of the corrupt, secretive and non-democratic EU "project".

posted by Martin at 5/29/2005 06:38:00 PM

Thursday, May 26, 2005


" I have always found the word 'Europe' on the lips of people who wanted
something from others which they dared not demand under their own names."

- German Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck, Gedenken und Erinnerungen,1880

* * *

Former German Ambassador to France, Dr Immo Stabreit, summarised how he saw
European integration as follows: "It is only natural that the eastern part
of the continent will become our preoccupation for years to come, because
Germans see this as a matter of historical destiny. The most fundamental
priority we have is trying to integrate all of Europe. But for France the
underlying issue is all about coming to terms with its loss of influence in
the world."(International Herald Tribune,11-12 September 1999).

In this assessment the retiring Ambassador echoed the views of his
superior, German Foreign Minister Johschka Fischer, whose speech of 12 May
2000 at Humboldt University, Berlin, launched the process that led to the
proposed EU Constitution which French and Dutch citizens will vote on this
coming week.

"Creating a single European State bound by one European Constitution is the
decisive task of our time," said Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer (Daily
Telegraph,London, 27-12-1998).

The "Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe" would achieve a
central goal of German Foreign policy by establishing a new European Union
in the constitutional form of a supranational EU Federation, of which 450
million Europeans would be made real citizens for the first time. If the
Constitution is ratified we would all owe this new European Union, now
founded on its own State Constitution, the prime duty of citizenship,
namely obedience and loyalty, over and above our own national citizenship.

As German Minister for Europe, Hans Martin Bury, said in "Die Welt" on 25
February last: "The EU Constitution is the birth certificate of the United
States of Europe."

A century and a quarter after Bismarck's remark quoted above, it is now
Germany's State interests and German political hegemony over the European
continent that the proposed EU Constitution would primarily advance - at
the expense of the national democracy of Germany's own people,and of the
peoples of France, the Netherlands, and all other EU Members. The EU
Constitution would also serve the interests of a small but powerful
political, bureaucratic and ideological elite in Brussels and other
national capitals.

The completion of Germany's ratification of the EU Constitution by the
German Bundesrat on Friday next 27 May, following approval by the Bundestag
on 12 May last, has been timed to put maximum pressure on French voters to
vote Yes on Sunday next,and Dutch voters on Wednesday week.

It is ironical that German Chancellor Schröder should break the norms of
diplomatic protocol by intervening in France's referendum to call for a Yes
vote on the eve of him and his party being rejected by the voters of
North Rhein-Westphalia by 45% to 37% in favour of the CDU.

If the German people had had a referendum on on the euro-currency as France
had in 1992, they would almost certainly have rejected it. Now having
refused to give the German people a vote on their project of conferring on
the EU the constitutional form of a supranational Federal State, Germany's
politicians expect French voters to follow their lead by agreeing to
subsume France's national democracy and independence in a German-dominated
Europe. That this is the central thrust of their political ambition, the
sequence of quotations from leading German politicians below makes
clear(The quotations are listed in chronological order backwards):-


"European monetary union has to be complemented by a political union - that
was always the presumption of Europeans including those who made active
politics before us. . .What we need to Europeanise is everything to do with
economic and financial policy. In this area we need much more, let's call
it co-ordination and co-operation to suit British feelings, than we had
before. That hangs together with the success of the euro."

- German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, The Times, London, 22 February 2002


"The currency union will fall apart if we don't follow through with the
consequences of such a union. I am convinced we will need a common tax

- German Finance Minister Hans Eichel,The Sunday Times, London, 23 December


"We need a European Constitution. The European Constitution is not the
'final touch' of the European structure; it must become its foundation.
The European Constitution should prescribe that ... we are building a
Federation of Nation-States. . .The first part should be based on the
Charter of Fundamental Rights proclaimed at the European summit at Nice. .
. If we transform the EU into a Federation of Nation-States, we will
enhance the democratic legitimacy ... We should not prescribe what the EU
should never be allowed to ... I believe that the Parliament and the
Council of Ministers should be developed into a genuine bicameral

- Dr Johannes Rau, President of the Federal Republic of Germany, European
Parliament, 4 April 2001


"We already have a federation. The 11,soon to be 12, member States adopting
the euro have already given up part of their sovereignty, monetary
sovereignty,and formed a monetary union, and that is the first step towards
a federation."

- German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, Financial Times, 7 July 2000,


"The last step will then be the completion of integration in a European
Federation ... Such a group of States would conclude a new European
framework treaty, the nucleus of a constitution of the Federation. On the
basis of this treaty, the Federation would develop its own institutions,
establish a government which, within the EU, should speak with one voice
... a strong parliament and a directly elected president. Such a driving
force would have to be the avant-garde, the driving force for the
completion of political integration ... This latest stage of European Union
... will depend decisively on France and Germany."

- German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, speech at Humboldt University
Berlin, 12 May 2000


"The introduction of the euro is probably the most important integrating
step since the beginning of the unification process. It is certain that the
times of individual national efforts regarding employment policies, social
and tax policies are definitely over. This will require to finally bury
some erroneous ideas of national sovereignty ... I am convinced our
standing in the world regarding foreign trade and international finance
policies will sooner or later force a Common Foreign and Security Polic
worthy of its name. . . National sovereignty in foreign and security policy
will soon prove itself to be a product of the imagination."

- German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder on "New Foundations for European
Integration", The Hague, 19 Jan.1999


"Our future begins on January 1 1999. The euro is Europe's key to the 21st
century. The era of solo national fiscal and economic policy is over."

- German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder,31 December 1998


"The euro is a sickly premature infant, the result of an over-hasty
monetary union."

- German Opposition leader Gerhard Schröder, March 1998


"Transforming the European Union into a single State with one army, one
constitution and one foreign policy is the critical challenge of the age,
German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer said yesterday."

- The Guardian, London, 26 November 1998


"In Maastricht we laid the foundation-stone for the completion of the
European Union. The European Union Treaty introduces a new and decisive
stage in the process of European union, which within a few years will lead
to the creation of what the founding fathers dreamed of after the last war:
the United States of Europe."

- German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, April 1992


"There is no example in history of a lasting monetary union that was not
linked to one State."

- 0tmar Issing, Chief Economist, German Bundesbank, 1991; now with the
European Central Bank, Frankfort.


"A European currency will lead to member-nations transferring their
sovereignty over financial and wage policies as well as in monetary
affairs. . . It is an illusion to think that States can hold on to their
autonomy over taxation policies."

- Bundesbank President Hans Tietmeyer, 1991


"On the basis of repeated meetings with him and of an attentive observation
of his actions, I think that if in his own way W.Hallstein (ed:first
President of the European Commission) is a sincere 'European', this is only
because he is first of all an ambitious German. For the Europe that he
would like to see would contain a framework within which his country could
find once again and without cost the respectability and equality of rights
that Hitler's frenzy and defeat caused it to lose; then acquire the
overwhelming weight that will follow from its economic capacity; and,
finally, achieve a situation in which its quarrels concerning its
boundaries and its unification will be assumed by a powerful coalition."

- General Charles de Gaulle, Memoirs of Hope, 1970


Compiled and disseminated for the information of French and Netherlands
voters and others by Anthony Coughlan, Secretary, The National Platform EU
Research and Information Centre, 24 Crawford Avenue, Dublin 9, Ireland, and
Senior Lecturer Emeritus in Social Policy,Trinity College Dublin;
+00-353-1-8305792. Please feel free to disseminate this document further as
you see fit, without need of reference to or acknowledgement of its source.


posted by Martin at 5/26/2005 06:26:00 PM

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Our Post-Democratic Society

I recommend this article from this morning's Sunday Telegraph, linked here, it begins:

It's too late for mere 'respect', far too late
David Selbourne
(Filed: 22/05/2005)

There are no boundaries of class or party among those who sense, or know, that British society is in profound trouble. Yet the consensus that this anxiety has created remains largely unexpressed. Politicians dare not tell the whole truth about it for fear of adding to public alarm, and losing by it.

posted by Martin at 5/22/2005 07:59:00 AM

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Barroso puts Commission against Britain's Rebate.

In a move that will clearly have a major impact on Britain's relationship with the EU, and the eventual referendum on the Constitution if such is ever to be held, Commission President Barrosos snubbed Tony Blair, one of his main backers for the job he now fills, yesterday in London.

The report in the Daily Telegraph, which is very satisfying news for the eurosceptic movement may be read from this link.

posted by Martin at 5/21/2005 09:24:00 AM

Friday, May 20, 2005

Britain's flawed democracy!

The following is from an article in today's The Independent newspaper which may be read in full from here.

Tony Blair is second from bottom of the league table of democracies with only 35 per cent of the popular vote, even below minority governments such as Spain and Sweden.

posted by Martin at 5/20/2005 08:28:00 AM


English Parliament not found

A good reason could not be established.

The government may be experiencing difficulties in expressing its opposition to proper representation for the English.

You may need to adjust your Union settings.

Please try the following:

English Representation Error
Internet Explorer


Backing Bushell in South Staffs- English Democrats - Putting England First

posted by Martin at 5/20/2005 05:41:00 AM

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Schengen Marches On

A new analysis on an update of Big Brother a la Schengen has been published by Statewatch. The introduction might tempt you to read the whole twelve page report which can be reached in pdf format from here:

In September 2004 the European Commission signed a €40 million contract with a
consortium of IT specialists to build two new EU law enforcement databases: the
‘second generation’ Schengen Information System (SIS II) and the new Visa
Information System (VIS). SIS II and VIS will provide EU law enforcement agencies
with a powerful apparatus for surveillance and control with very serious
implications for the people who will be registered. In reality, SIS II and VIS will be a
single system that is scheduled to go online early in 2007.

The Council has agreed on the scope, function and system architecture of SIS II

after four years of secret discussions but – incredibly – has still to consult the
European or national parliaments or the wider public on these issues. With the new
functionalities already being built into SIS II, the question now is whether there is
any possibility at all for democratic input, or whether instead the system is now a
‘fait accompli’, with the prospect that the Council will try to ‘bounce’ the
European Parliament into a quick decision on the long awaited draft legislation.

This analysis by Ben Hayes analyses the development of SIS II, the new functions,

the implications for groups and individuals that will be registered, and the
decision-making process.

posted by Martin at 5/19/2005 08:49:00 PM

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Peoples 'NO' Campaign is Launched

The following press announcement is taken from Neil Herron's blog, linked here!

Let us hope that Neil can achieve the same incredible defeat for the EU Federalists and anti-democratic Blair administration as he achieved in the North East Regional Assembly referendum. The posting is as follows:

The People's No Campaign:

"No Campaign against European Constitution Announces Official Launch "

The official launch of The People's No Campaign (against the European Constitution) is to take place at:
Location :
Conference Room
Abingdon House
13 Little College Street
LondonSW1P 3SH.
Time: 2pm Wednesday 25th May

The No Campaign has been created as a genuine non / cross-partygrassroots coalition to help deliver an overwhelming and emphatic rejection of the European Constitution.

Campaign Director, Neil Herron states, " It is essential that a genuine grassroots campaign helps to deliver the reasons for saying 'NO' in a plain, no nonsense style, free from party politics. We are creating the broadest coalition from across the socio-political spectrum and intend to replicate the achievement of the North East No Campaign which rejected the Government's and John Prescott's proposals in the recent Regional Assembly Referendum by the biggest margin in modern political history. The Constitution represents further surrender of power to Brussels and this is quite simply unacceptable. The debate preceding the referendum will be the first opportunity for the British public to examine the true nature of the whole 'European Project.' A full examination of the consequences of political and economic integration. A debate that we have been denied for over thirty years."

Dr Richard North, Research Director states, " This is a genuine,important and fundamental move by the people of Britain to reclaim theirown destiny."

The timing of the launch is to show solidarity with the French 'No'Campaign, and to send a message to our domestic politicians that theywill not be in for an easy ride. If the French vote 'oui' on 29th May then it is 'game on' for our domestic Constitution referendum battle.

Details of the growing alliance will be posted on the website shortly where we have a full analysis of news and events as they unfold. More statements to follow.

Neil Herron
Campaign Director
Office 0191 56517143
Mobile 07776 202045



Information Line...0845 147 2006

Registered Office:
The People's No Campaign
12 Frederick Street

posted by Martin at 5/17/2005 08:32:00 PM

Thursday, May 12, 2005

MEPs force Censure Debate on Barroso Commission

The matter of secrecy over hospitality has forced a censure debate on the new EU Commission. The debate will be four days before the French EU Referebdum. One report is linked from here.

posted by Martin at 5/12/2005 05:02:00 PM

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Turmoil at the top of Britain's political parties

The only known party leader to have stepped down so far is David Trimble but others must soon follow. Michael Howard is the subject of intense press speculation this lunchtime as this Telegraph link proves. Read Teetering Tories for more reports

Roger Knapman of UKIP and Robert Kilroy-Silk of Veritas are both targets of considerable criticism from within their own parties and their positions over the unusual South Staffordshire by eection look like becoming a hugely critical acid test for both men. These matters are covered on Ukip Uncovered and Veritas Straight Talk blogs.

The biggest catch of all would of course be Tony Blair himself and he is looking increasingly less secure according to many media reports.

All this leaves little scope for routine EU criticism here on Ironies. Normal service will be resumed shortly - but in the meantime what a sweet irony if Charles Kennedy were to be the only survivor among the main party leaders of the 2005 general election!

posted by Martin at 5/10/2005 01:26:00 PM

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Guardian's Economics Editor admits British economy is in trouble

I suppose this admission coming less than two days before the general election is somewhat more honest than if it had come after the poll. The column may be read from here.

Whoever wins the contest, they look in for a thankless task after eight years of Blair/Brown incompetence.

posted by Martin at 5/03/2005 04:46:00 PM

Could Leaks Sink Tony Blair?

An interesting summary of recent press revelations on Iraq and their possible effect appears today in the Washington Post under the title above, which may be read by clicking here.

posted by Martin at 5/03/2005 08:10:00 AM

Monday, May 02, 2005


Refusals to sign the BDI by Party

The following is a list of candidates who have refused to sign a declaration upholding the principals of parliamentary democracy.

If they are candidates for the Westminster Parliament in your constituency- please ensure that neither you yourself, your family, neighbours or friends within the constituency vote for such traitors. Looking at the manifestoes and policies on which they now stand for election - and considering the reasonable terms of the British Declaration of Independence, linked here, which they have refused to sign - how else can they thus be described?

Conservative refusals

Dr Julian Lewis
Hon Nicholas Soames
Dr Liam Fox
Michael Fabricant
Sir Michael Spicer
Ashley Gray
Caroline Flynn-Macleod
Paul Maynard
David Amess
Cllr Kim Humphreys
Rt Hon Oliver Letwin
Jacqui Lait
Ian Taylor MBE
James Paice
Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell
John Maples
Douglas Carswell
Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC
Rt Hon David Curry
Angela Browning
William Cash
Rt Hon David Heathcoat-Amory
Laurence Robertson
Rt Hon Michael Howard QC
Edward Leigh
Robert Walter
Quentin Davies
Rt Hon Francis Maude
Owen Paterson
John Bercow
Tim Collins
Peter Luff
Tony Baldry
Andrew Robathan
Sir John Butterfill
Peter Bottomley
Rt Hon John Gummer
Geoffrey Cox QC
Anthony Steen
Christopher Chope
Peter Atkinson

Labour refusals

Doug Henderson
Joan Walley
Rt Hon Robin Cook
Valerie Davey
Barbara Follett
Austin Mitchell
Mike Gapes
Keith Vaz
Barry Sheerman
Rt Hon Peter Hain

All candidates of the Liberal Democrat Party refused to sign.

posted by Martin at 5/02/2005 09:01:00 PM

Latest News from Statewatch

Click here
and cringe!

posted by Martin at 5/02/2005 05:21:00 PM
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